Our vision

We believe that the materials that Nature provides us with, when transformed into building materials with the right skills, are perfectly suited to meet the high demands of modern man. 
Among these materials, the human body and spirit feel at home, which is understandable, since we have evolved together over millions of years. 

In our industrialised world, and thus also in the construction industry, the emphasis in recent decades has shifted disproportionately towards man-made materials and products, while developments in the usability of natural materials have slowed down and some of the knowledge about their processing and incorporation has been lost. 

Today, fortunately, more and more of us are realising that our living environment and our social structure can only be maintained if we learn to manage resources and available energy wisely, with foresight and keeping the extremly complex interdependecies of our ecosystem in mind.

Building materials and construction products that come from biologically renewable sources, preferably close to the building site, and that can be produced with little modification and energy investment, serve this purpose best. 

At GS we are working to make more of these products widely available.


Thank you for your interest in GS products, and helping us to preserve our beautiful planet for the future generations​
GreenSulations Team