We have developed a manufacturing process that allows us to calibrate the density of the straw during compression between 80 and 220 kg/m3.

The compressed straw blocks leave the production unit with a uniform size of 1250 mm x 2400 mm.

The thickness of the blocks can vary between 5 and 25 cm.

Thanks to our innovative and patented tying method, the straw blocks can then be cut to the requested size according to the needs of the construction site.

They can be cut to virtually any shape without any loss of integrity:

Cutting can be done with a simple hand tool such as a mineral wool knife, or with power tools (chainsaw, circular saw with a suitable disc,...) in order to increase productivity.

(The straw modules shown in the photos on this site are 60cm x 60cm in size for ease of transport and handling).

At high density the straw modules have spectacular mechanical properties:

The manufacturing technique has been perfected through numerous laboratory tests.

Finally, numerical modelling allowed us to validate the thermal, hygrometric and the phase-shifting behaviour of the modules for future applications: